Recycled Concrete And Asphalt


One of the latest trends in the construction industry is to recycle concrete and asphalt, and it’s one of the best “green” solutions ever devised.

With most of our tear-down projects in the Denver metro area, we tear out concrete and/or asphalt. Today, instead of hauling the concrete and asphalt to a landfill, we can take it to a recycling plant in Denver, that then converts the materials into aggregate for use as fill products.

Many local recycling plants in Denver then turn around and offer this recycled concrete and asphalt to consumers for purchase.

On the other side of the recycling effort, we can use ground-up recycled concrete and recycled asphalt as a fill and base, before we pour fresh concrete or asphalt on top. This rock-type product compacts very well and holds up over time.

We’re proud to be part of this “green” trend in construction, using debris that was once taken to a landfill and turning it into new building materials.

For more information on how you can use recycled materials as part of your next project please call (303) 979-0880, or e-mail

Unfortunately, we only offer these services in collaboration with a tear down project.